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The Journey Begins

Since we met, having children and starting a family has always been an important conversation. In fact, that's part of what really solidified our relationship; knowing that we had shared goals and dreams for the future.

The problem was timing. With Kevin being active duty in the Army, we spent years moving around the country - from North Carolina, to Missouri, and then New York. Starting a family was a priority, but having the basic knowledge of the adoption process and home study was daunting, knowing that Kevin could be deployed, or we could move again with very little notice.

In 2017, when Kevin was leaving the Army, we decide to put down roots in Southern California. We sold our home in upstate New York, and made the 2,842 mile move to Glendale. Kevin had been accepted to an amazing graduate program, and Adam was ready to go back to school to pursue a career in the arts.

Once we settled into a new routine (and California life) we knew we were getting so much closer to starting a family; but the time still wasn't quite right. We had open hearts, and lots of love to give; but knowing that we wanted to provide the best life possible for a little one, we decided to wait until we were both finished with school, once again owned our own home, and could provide both emotional and financial security for our future child.

In June of 2019, the stars aligned - AND WE WERE READY. Kevin had started a successful career as a civil engineer, we were in the process of purchasing a perfect family home, and Adam had a graduation date on the horizon. The timing couldn't be better.

We signed our contract with Lifelong Adoptions that August, and immediately started the home study process that concluded this January. We were finally eligible for placement, and became an official "waiting family". The process has been an emotional one, but equally rewarding. We hope that someday soon we will meet and match with that special birth mother, and make our family whole. The most exciting thing about starting this website and blog, is knowing that thanks to the internet, our child can one day look back on this blog and see just how much he or she was loved and wanted long before we even held them for the first time.

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