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Family is incredibly important to us. We’ve maintained close relationships with both of our families, including aunts, uncles, and cousins, all of whom are delighted about our adoption plan.

Despite being on opposite coasts, Adam speaks to his mother almost every day. She and Adam’s stepfather are tickled at the idea of finally becoming grandparents; they currently live in North Carolina but are strongly considering relocating to be closer to us and our growing family. They are unconditionally supportive and are ready to dote on their future grandchild.

We are also incredibly blessed that Kevin’s mother and father have moved to Southern California to live out their golden years with us in our home. They have their own suite downstairs so they can be an active and ever-present part of their grandchild’s life. It brings us such joy that your baby will grow up in a multi-generational household.

We also have 2 furry 4-legged members of our family Dizzy and Daisy. Dizzy is an excitable and fun-loving Welsh Corgi; and Daisy is a loving, sweet natured senior Beagle.

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