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After serving for seven years as an officer in the Army, Kevin retired early from the military and has begun a new career as an engineer in the construction industry. Adam has recently graduated with a degree in Entertainment Business (with a concentration in film production) to begin his career as a full-time filmmaker. We like to think of ourselves as the perfect pairing because we truly balance each other out. Adam is the creative yet extremely meticulous social butterfly, while Kevin is more logical and laidback.


As a couple, we have overcome many trials and obstacles, such as military orders, several cross-country moves, career changes, and even the loss of loved ones. Despite any challenge put before us, our unconditional love, dedication, and support for each other have always carried us through, strengthening our bond and marriage.

About Kevin

Age: 32 (Libra)

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Education: BS Political Science;

MS Environmental Management

Religion: Spiritual

Kevin 1.jpg

About Adam

Age: 35 (Taurus)

Occupation: Business Owner

Education: BS Entertainment Business; MA Candidate, Producing

Religion: Spiritual

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